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DXCOLLECTIVE x Cecilia Pérez Califas 2019 Silk Scarf

DXCOLLECTIVE x Cecilia Pérez Califas 2019 Silk Scarf

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Avant Garde Silk Scarf
Hand Finished Edges
25.5' W x 25.5" L
100% Silk
All-Over Multicolor Sublimation Print
Dry Clean
Created in Califas


About DXCOLLECTIVE: Founded & owned by Dorys Araniva she is the operator of DXCOLLECTIVE, a lifestyle brand based out of Los Ángeles, California. “I was born and raised in south central LA, and growing up I was always heavily affected and influenced by the energy of the things I was seeing all around me: penitentiary art, tattooing, lowrider culture, love letters, graffiti, hand-drawn art, inner city Chicano culture and community muralism.

It is within that tradition I bring you DXCOLLECTIVE. We here at DXCOLLECTIVE feel the cultural heritage of our city we love and respect has earned its keep and we strive to continue carrying the torch lit by our generations before, incorporating the styles and traditions we grew up to know and love. Personalizing things for the art of it and bringing this labor of love direct to you through high quality, one of a kind and completely hand made custom apparel.”

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